Sign up for Studio 300 clinic in Scottsboro, AL April 3-4!

Sign up for Studio 300 clinic in Scottsboro, AL April 3-4!

Spend your Friday night and Saturday with Belmo, Diandra, and Bill! Pick their brains and have some fun!
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Welcome To The International Art Of Bowling!

We are bowlers. We understand your desire to step up your game. We get it. We also understand your love for this sport. Because, we feel it too...deep down in our bowling bones.

This is a place that we've designed especially for you.

Want quick tips? This is the right place. Want to submerge yourself in everything bowling? You can do it here. Free content, free tips, free videos, contests, prizes, and maybe even a song or dance. (But probably not - have you heard us sing!?)

Come on in, stay awhile. We know you're going to love this place.

For bowlers. By bowlers.
The IAB is EVERYTHING bowling.

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You have to check out our...


Confessions of a Pro Bowlers Mind

Confessions of a Pro Bowlers Mind

Road to College Bowling

Road to College Bowling

Who are these people?

I'll tell you who we are. We are lovers of this sport. Defenders of the bowling universe. We are coaches, professionals, and hall of famers. We are your friends and we like to strike as much as you do.


And onto our....


IAB Live

IAB Live
Technology is incredible, isn’t it? Have a face to face meeting with any one of us and we’ll chat with you about anything from your arsenal to what kind of hair products Jason uses.

Frame by Frame Video Analysis

Frame by Frame Video Analysis
Ever tried to track your moves and deconstruct your own game? Trust us, it’s incredibly difficult. Let Coach Ron have a look, he has been doing this for years & will see things things you never even knew were there.

Team Circle

Team Circle
Wanna be on our bowling team? You can by becoming a member of our online community called The Circle. Inside The Circle you will have access to exclusive resources developed just for you. You can post your video in our forums for immediate feedback and take part in live coach's chats to get all your burning questions answered. This is seriously the best bowling community on the web.


The core of the International Art of Bowling is it's coaching. Studio 300 are weekend long clinics focusing on drills, practice plans, and a plethora of bowling information. IAB Sessions are quick, four hour clinics that isolate one fundamental and hammer it home. Whether it's a weekend long clinic or an afternoon, we are committed to helping you step up your game. Click on the box above if you are interested in HOSTING an event!
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Latest News

February 24, 2015
Vegas Banner (2)

You Went to Vegas… to Bowl?

As bowlers, we are lucky enough to get to travel to some pretty awesome places for tournaments; however, we often find that our NBF’s (non-bowling friends) are perplexed at this […]
February 19, 2015

10 Signs Collegiate Bowling is right for you

Ah, the wonderful world of collegiate bowling. A magical place, wouldn’t you say? Bowling in college, although it seems dreamy, might not be for everyone. Is it for you? Let’s […]
February 17, 2015

Four vs Five Steps

SNEAK PEEK! Resource directly from The Circle: When talking about the number of steps to take and reasons why, it’s best to start at the developmental stages of a bowler’s […]
February 16, 2015

Adam Barta: Breaking Records and Taking Names

Adam Barta: Breaking Records and Taking Names For those of you who don’t know Adam Barta, he is an extremely well-known and accomplished amateur bowler from Girard, Ohio. He won […]
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